"The workshop you led was an amazing opportunity for my class.  They thoroughly enjoyed it as your teaching and rapport with the group was immediately engaging and interesting.  It was great to see the class learn new techniques for controlling their voice in performances but also the way you drew out what they already knew was excellent.  This gave them all great confidence and they could see how they could apply what they learnt to their production.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to other schools because the children have an incredibly fun experience and remember clearly the techniques to use when performing."

Claire Brightwell – Marksbury Primary School


'The children were transfixed by Thommie's performance, and the workshop was pitched perfectly for the age group (year 6).  It was superb to watch them work collaboratively to come up with their own performance and even the least confident children stood up and clearly enjoyed being on stage.  It was an inspiring and engaging afternoon.'

St. Mary Redcliffe CE Primary School Bristol.


Dear Thommie,

I would just like to say how very helpful and how much fun your two workshops were!

I have to admit, I was very sceptical as I'm very protective of my poetry  - probably because it comes from my heart and spirit!

The way that you ran both workshops was really good and encouraging.

Although we were all very different people, you drew out our individual strengths and weaknesses - as demonstrated in the 'homework' that you set us between the two weeks.

I would recommend anyone to try one of your workshops and not be afraid of losing their individuality!

It really was tremendous fun and I did come away from them feeling that I'd learned something - which is an accolade to your prowess as a teacher, as I've been writing poetry for 27 years now!'

Margi Hughes - Workshop attendee


'Thank you Thommie for your inspiring workshops with our year nines. Performance poetry is a new approach for many of these students and it was great to see them understanding how to create poetry relevant to their lives. Some students even appeared surprised by their own creative responses (I know because they came and told me!)'

PM Lee Devizes School

Children’s comments

"I thought it was really fun." Izzie Year 5

"You were very convincing when you pretended to cry.  It was amazing and very talented.  We liked that. " Ella Year 6

"It was good when you made bad things into good things. like when you turned ‘don’t fidget’ into ‘concentrate’. " Lucy Year 5

"We enjoyed doing the rhymes with our friends. " Adam Year 5

"It was really good when you made our bad points into useful things to remember not to do." Kira Year 6.

"It was interesting when you got us to shout our loudest to the other side of the room and how to make ourselves heard. " Kieran Year 6.


Contact Details : Email - thommie@thommiegillow.com


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