I write poetry almost every day and love it as a medium to

 - tell stories,

 - present situations,

 - argue causes

 - and of course exercise personal demons.

In my experience poetry falls into two camps, performance and page. Sometimes the camp is predefined before I even write the poem but there are times when the poem has a life of its own and chooses its category itself. Here are some examples of my work, split into two categories; poems either written to be performed or ones that work well in a performance setting, and poems that work better on the page and while they can be read aloud, are not performance pieces. I believe performance poetry has a greater emphasis on rhyme and narrative than conventional poetry and has to retain a relative simplicity in order to be understood on the first hearing and not pondered over on the page. Standard page poetry is not poetry I don't believe should be read aloud but poetry that often needs more than one reading for maximum comprehension.

Contact Details : Email - thommie@thommiegillow.com


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