In my first life I was a snowflake.
Beautiful, unique. 
My brothers and sisters we fell from the sky,
the day I was born,
and my father, walking in a daze,
sleep deprived
looked up and chose my name.
I knew how strong I was
and I didn’t need to look into some crystal ball
when I had crystal stars inside me.
In later years they would tell me
I had space inside me
not power
but then, in that first life,
I was a snowflake,
I was a flower
I was whole.

In my second life I was a Deen.
My mother’s child, her progeny.
We shared the same nose and hair and smile
and everybody said
isn’t she just the spit of you
and I was suddenly melted.
Spit, from my mother’s womb
A snowflake fading.
I became less me,
more mummy,
more boxable and labelled,
and gradually dis-enabled.

In my third life they gave me my father’s name.
I was his property on paper, in my veins.
They asked me what his job was
and I became the teacher’s daughter,
and all that heat began to permeate my water.
Each time they gave me accolade
they wrote certificates to him
and I went from H2O to O, O, O
oxygen filled bubbles
and vaporisation.

In my fourth life they called me airy fairy,
said I lived life in a cloud and I did,
with others just like me.
We pretended we still had snowflake beauty
and worked together painting pictures
on our faces.
We thought if we could look the part
we could have the heart
but we were just hot air.

So now I am living my fifth life, and I am cold.
I fell back from the heat of my compatriots
and ran a while alone.
I am refrozen.
You may call me the ice-maiden but you
will not come too close
for this is ice you stick to.
I am not on the rocks anymore, I am them.

My father called me snowflake when I was born,
beautiful, unique.
This is the female birthright
and I reclaim mine
Frost is called rime,
and I am a poet,
an ice-maiden
and though I am flawed
and imperfect
I do not mind.
This is my fifth life,
there will be more to come
I feel it in my waters,
but for now I live this life,
a life of rime and rhyme
and one that’s mine.

I’m going to let this snowflake shine.

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