Thommie has been writing poetry for commission ever since her childhood friend Jennie asked her to write about what an idiot Jennie’s ex-boyfriend was. These days she works for more noble reasons such as; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and funerals. However if you do want a revenge poem she’d love to get her teeth into that too!

Poems for commission generally require face to face meetings as Thommie likes to get a feel for the people involved and their wishes.  Some people bring a poem they like that they would like to use as a formatting idea whereas others are happy to leave it up to the poet.  Personal information is included and each poem is entirely original and created solely for the customer. Thommie does not use any commissioned pieces in her poetry portfolio unless she has obtained permission from the commissioner.  Copyright remains with the poet but the client may use the poem how they wish.

Prices for commissions depend on length, input and hours spent on the poem/s. Poems can be presented in various forms including framed, but these are all charged separately and up to the client. Performance pieces are available with an extra charge if the poet is asked to perform for an event. 




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