I currently work as a lecturer at Bridgwater college teaching English and film AND from Sept 2015 Creative Writing!!!  Whoop woo!  I also help run Hammer and Tongue Bristol putting on monthly poetry nights on the first weds of the month in The Birdcage, and have been recently working with Burning Eye Publishers as a poetry editor.  I love all my jobs, my students, my poets, my work and even love my home time job as a mummy and girlfriend in my ace little family.  Now go and puke then read on ...

(NB you may notice web building skills are not my forte hence the mismatched capital letters in the headers - please forgive and/or send comments how to improve) 

I have been performing poetry ever since I can remember: aged 5 when my Catholic upbringing had me singing songs and writing poems about loving God, through to my 17 year old lamenting of actual or non-existent boyfriends and on to my current status as a feminist, a lover and a mum.

As a fully qualified and experienced English teacher I have been teaching for over 12 years in various different educational establishments (and countries!) as both full time staff and as a peripatetic creative writing tutor.  I LOVE teaching and I LOVE poetry so what better job is there?

In my youth I traveled and lived in various different countries including Thailand, the USA, France, Italy and Australia, all of which have been inspiration for my creative work.  I’ve been married, and divorced, in love, and heart broken, been a single mum and now am struggling with learning to share my beautiful daughter with my equally beautiful new man.  I believe in living and risking and trying and most of all in writing writing writing.

My MA in Teaching Creative Writing and my book 'My Stepmother Tried to Kill Me' demonstrate my commitment to the world of words and show my disciplined and focused side.  In reality I am a dreamer, a thinker, and a doer, I tell my poems in my own voice with my own truths and hope that people enjoy them.  In my opinion good poetry should cause an emotional response in the reader or listener of any sort, crying, laughing, nodding, etc.  If I can achieve that in any of my work I feel happy.

There are some awesome and amazing poets out there many of whom inspire and support me.  I try to perform and go to gigs with as many of them as possible.  I drag along friends, family, and random strangers I meet on the streets.  The world of performance poetry and page poetry is a beautiful one, I wholly recommend everyone to come along!  Poetry is about exploring parts of your mind we don’t normally have time for and I believe we all benefit from that. 

Thanks for reading xx

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